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Pinky toe protector

Pinky toe protector

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Pinky toe protectors not only protect your pinky toe from blisters, but they also separate it. This keeps your toes from overlapping or compressing. The separators are breathable and comfortable to wear with the soft, skin-friendly silicone substance. You can wear them with heels, sandals, slippers, sneakers, and barefoot to prevent any discomfort. 

Quantity: 1 pair 

Premium cotton blend

Our socks are built to last, made from premium combed cotton.

Foam-padded technology

Protects your heels with a unique, comfortable, and breathable foam patch sewn into every pair.

Machine washable & dryable

You can throw your Shezza's in the washer and dryer with the rest of your laundry without worrying.

Free shipping when buying 2+ pairs

Once you place your order, you can expect to recieve within 3-5 business days if you reside in the US. Shipping is free for domestic orders when you buy 2 or more pairs!

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Based on 138 reviews
Exceeded my expectations!!!!

I bought them for my VERY uncomfortable Doc Martens. Once I started using the socks they took my Doc Martens from being uncomfortable to VERY VERY COMFORTABLE and now I can't stop wearing them! I only purchased one pair but now since I'm hooked I'll be purchasing more pairs!!! I PROMISE ITS WORTH THE INVESTMENT! your happy feet will thank you later!

The MOST comfortable socks I have ever put on!

I don't care that there is a nice less than bulky heel pad on the back, I would wear these socks every day. The quality is visibly very high, and the comfort you feel and softness of the material once you put them on was so surprising. I don't know what else to say other than I freaking love them. Going on a hiking vacation next week so they will be put to the test with my boots, but I have no doubt they will work wonderfully well. I will be buying more Shezzas, including gifts for family.

Men's white heel-cush socks
Jim Ristuccia Heather Slotnick
Great Socks! Super Comfortable

I really enjoy the comfort and feel of these socks. Feel very lux and super comfortable. I’m loving the extra padding for the Achilles heel. Definitely a great find.

Festival Must- Have

Was so excited to get these socks in!! Tested them on a night out & absolutely can’t wait to have them for upcoming festivals in combat boots :)

Good sock

I love the product, but at almost $20 for a pair, they aren’t worth it. I expected a 3 pack for that price and was embarrassed that I didn’t read the print saying one pair.

Blisters be gone!

I bought these socks for my daughter who seems to only be wearing doc martens now. Despite her doubling-, and sometimes tripling-, up on socks, she has had blisters for months. I found the Shezza socks, and originally only bought her two pairs because I thought they were quite pricey and wanted to make sure that they made a difference before investing more money into this issue..... they are amazing: she doesn't have any blisters, and wears her boots all day long. I quickly ordered 6 more pairs - these socks are well worth the price! The quality is also very good - no irritating stiches/hems, and you can wash them with your regular laundry. Highly recommend.


These are so perfect for my docs!!1 Love them! I got two pairs one in black and one in white.


I have some Dr. Marten’s loafers that I had only previously worn once because the back edge would “cut” my heels even with thick socks. I tried them again with my new Shezza magic socks and was able to comfortably wear my Docs to dinner and a concert (about seven hours total) with no pain, blistering or cuts. I LOVE THEM! Absolutely recommend for Doc fans.

Niche Product Worth Every Cent

I was lamenting my converse zooms- they chaffed my heel every time I wore them. Whenever I wore docs, I have three pairs of socks on

No more! I wore these with both shoes and have been UTTERLY SAVED.

No more blisters

I saw the ad and I was curious, so I bought one pair to test it out. I have a pair of docs that I seem to not be able to break and they tear up the back of my heel. The socks were perfect, no pain, I felt like I was walking on a cloud. The socks were so good, that I bought another three pairs.

You saved my heels

They work!!! I was sceptical cause nothing has ever worked. Love them. Ordering more

Must have

I bought these socks for a new pair of shoes that I was trying to break in but they've allowed me to wear an old pair that always cut up the back of my ankles. They let me wear my new shoes as my feet healed from the cuts I got before purchasing these socks, instead of having to wait weeks for the wounds to heal. I think they are great, really comfortable and not too tight. Repurchasing in black!

Ran a bit too big

The socks ran big so it was hard to get it to stay in place. Idea and comfort would be nice if it was sized for me correctly!

Comfiest Socks!!

I saw these sock on tik tok and I wanted to try them out since I got new docs :)! They are the most comfortable socks I’ve ever worn. The back of my ankles was protected with the comfy cushion, totally recommend them :)


I’m finally able to wear shoes I love that give me blisters!

So far so good

I am a walker who gets heel rub and these socks have helped tremendously. I placed a second order recently because I won’t go back to regular socks.

LOVE a the concept BUT…

I LOVE the concept of the socks with the padding in the back and really do help with my Dr Martens but since they are short the top of the boots rub against my skin giving me a rash. I had to wear the SHEZZA SOCKS over another pair of longer socks. Wish these were longer so I didn’t have to wear double socks.

Women's white heel-cush socks
Mahmoud Abousereaa
A present

I ordered these socks from the UK (regular shipping) and I was surprised that they arrived within a week. I bought these socks as a present and they love it. These socks are very comfy!

Great socks with Docs!!!!

These socks definitely made a difference with brand new docs! Compared to regular socks! I’ll be wearing everytime I need them! Thanks for creating a great product and something that is well made and high quality!

Life changing

Finally, no pain and blisters when wearing my combat boots! I only docked one star because the socks are pilling already, although I'm not sure that's avoidable with my boots that constantly rub my ankles anyway. I will be buying more!!

Socks are too thick on the foot, and too expensive with the customs charges…

Everything promised

This product is amazing and has now saved my daughter from blisters so she can enjoy her shoes

Women's white heel-cush socks
Maria Isabel Gonzalez
Very comfortable

The sheeza socks are extremely comfortable and very helpful for shoes that tend to dig in to the your heel/ankle area.

10/10 no notes.

Im obsessed

Beyond good. Lots of cushion. Extra heel padding extends from the base of my heel to well beyond where my shoe would rub. Hopeful for a life of fewer blisters!!

100% recyclable packaging

We're on a mission to help save people's heels AND the planet with sustainable, biodegradable packaging.