100% blister-proof socks that are going viral on Tik Tok.

Protect your heels with the world’s first foam-padded socks.


Superior Foam Cushioning

  ✓  Double-padded technology

  ✓  Sweat-proof and breathable 

  ✓  Machine washable & dryable

  ✓  Break-in new shoes pain-free

Order a pair today and never worry about a blister again.



Blisters, Be Gone

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100% Recyclable Packaging

We're on a mission to help save people's heels AND the planet with sustainable, biodegradable packaging.

  • Such a life saver

    "I used to get horrible heel blisters breaking in my Doc Martens. I would have to wear bandaids and 2 pairs of socks. Now, I just wear a pair of Shezza socks and I'm pain-free all day!"

    — Alyssa, LA

  • Super comfy

    "I LOVE these socks. I used to get blisters all the time from walking around the city. Now I don't! Super comfy and good material too."

    —  Jack, NYC

  • No more blisters

    "I used to get blisters on my heels from running, hiking and wearing new shoes. Once I started wearing these socks, I haven't had a blister since! Definitely recommend."

    — Olivia, Portland

The Story of Shezza

How did Shezza get started?

Hi, I'm Tiffany.

7 years ago, every step I took was MISERY. This was a time when I was trying to break in my shiny, brand new Doc Martens. I experienced the most horrible friction blisters that I would start bleeding on the back of my heels, every time I wore them.

I was desperate to find a way to end the suffering, but still couldn't find anything easy and 100% pain-free.

Unsatisfied with the solutions and determined to wear my shoes without pain in every step I took, I decided to take it upon myself and to create my own solution. I took a sewing class and made my own sock that had padding in the back, thick enough to prevent against any pair of shoes. Since wearing them, I've never had a blister again.

I’m new to this entrepreneurial journey, but eager as ever to bring my idea of over 7 years to life. I hope to end the pain of uncomfortable shoes once and for all, one sock at a time.

Say goodbye to bloody heels and get your pair today!

Tiffany Gil
Founder of Shezza Socks

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