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Ran a bit too big

The socks ran big so it was hard to get it to stay in place. Idea and comfort would be nice if it was sized for me correctly!

Comfiest Socks!!

I saw these sock on tik tok and I wanted to try them out since I got new docs :)! They are the most comfortable socks I’ve ever worn. The back of my ankles was protected with the comfy cushion, totally recommend them :)


I’m finally able to wear shoes I love that give me blisters!

So far so good

I am a walker who gets heel rub and these socks have helped tremendously. I placed a second order recently because I won’t go back to regular socks.

LOVE a the concept BUT…

I LOVE the concept of the socks with the padding in the back and really do help with my Dr Martens but since they are short the top of the boots rub against my skin giving me a rash. I had to wear the SHEZZA SOCKS over another pair of longer socks. Wish these were longer so I didn’t have to wear double socks.

Women's White Heel-Cush Socks
Mahmoud Abousereaa
A present

I ordered these socks from the UK (regular shipping) and I was surprised that they arrived within a week. I bought these socks as a present and they love it. These socks are very comfy!

Great socks with Docs!!!!

These socks definitely made a difference with brand new docs! Compared to regular socks! I’ll be wearing everytime I need them! Thanks for creating a great product and something that is well made and high quality!

Life changing

Finally, no pain and blisters when wearing my combat boots! I only docked one star because the socks are pilling already, although I'm not sure that's avoidable with my boots that constantly rub my ankles anyway. I will be buying more!!

Socks are too thick on the foot, and too expensive with the customs charges…

Everything promised

This product is amazing and has now saved my daughter from blisters so she can enjoy her shoes

Women's White Heel-Cush Socks
Maria Isabel Gonzalez
Very comfortable

The sheeza socks are extremely comfortable and very helpful for shoes that tend to dig in to the your heel/ankle area.

10/10 no notes.

Im obsessed

Beyond good. Lots of cushion. Extra heel padding extends from the base of my heel to well beyond where my shoe would rub. Hopeful for a life of fewer blisters!!

Magic socks!

They are amazing! I can finally wear some shoes and boots that i just couldn’t!!

Can now wear my docs with no issues

These socks have saved my feet and can now wear boots that I thought I would need to sell 😍

I didn't receive yet the article

I didn't receive yet the article. Can you help me?

Just great:)

The socks are just amazing:)


So comfy, so much support

Women's Black Heel-Cush Socks

Foot and shoe saving!

I bought shezza socks thinking these will maybe give me one days relief from blisters and raw skin on my heels from shoes. How wrong I was! These socks are not only soft under foot but they heel protector part are big enough to go all the way up past the heel and down to the bottom of the shoe/foot to so there's no area rubbing at all. I have thrown/given away shoes in the past after wearing them only once or twice because I know they will always rub my feet but no more with these socks!! I would highly recommend them to everyone and I have been already! They also wash really well!

The holy grail of socks!

Love my socks! The best for my docs! So glad I found you!!! ❤️

Women's White Heel-Cush Socks
Zaida Regina Cabello Lara Cabello Lara
Shezza socks

Pretty comfy! Perfect for high boots!

Women's White Heel-Cush Socks

very comfortable

I bought both the black and white socks. They are very comfortable and the extra padding on the heel stops my foot from lifting up and down when I wear my boots and feels more secure. No more blisters for me. I just wish they would have a few more colors.

A lifesaver for new DMs!