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Men's white heel-cush socks
Elizabeth Dutcher
Coolest thing I've bought all year!!

I am IN LOVE with these! I bought them to wear with some Doc Marten loafers that I've yet to break in (I dont wear them often enough to have them be broken in yet). These socks save me from so much pain and discomfort while wearing them! They're so comfy and make me excited to wear those shoes again! Gonna try with some boots next 🫶🏻


I got these for my daughter to use with her Dr Martens and she is so happy she can now wear her favorite boots comfortably!

Women's lace padded socks
Cleveland Eason
Comfort Restored

My daughter bought Dr. Martin’s boots and the break-in process was taking a toll on her feet. The socks have eliminated the pressure points and I now the boots are as comfortable as they are attractive.

Silicone heel cup
Madison MacDonald
They Work!

I bought the new pair of Docs "SINCLAIR PRISM LEATHER PLATFORMS" and they absolutely chewed up my ankles! I couldn't even wear them. These heal pads work very well. So glad I got them and I can wear my boots finally.

Men's white heel-cush socks
Malwina Jakóbczyk

It's really as good as it looks. I haven't used it for Doc Martens, but on my hikes in hiking boots and it guarded me (and my fiancee) from painful blisters after a long hike

Very comfy!

I needed a pair to wear with my docs and I saw this as a sponsored post so I thought “why not!” And I’m glad I got them! They’re very comfortable and the sock itself is thick and has good padding outside of the actual pad on the back. I wear them with my docs now and never worry about getting a blister again! I also bought a pack of the just heel pads to insert into a pair of my creepers and I’m glad I did! I also love that I’m supporting a small business, and the tracking info was updated consistently and notified me through Instagram with every change, I never had to worry about where it was

Women's lace padded socks
Michelle Schutte
So cool!

I’m using these to help break in a pair of Doc Martens Mary Jane’s. No heel blisters! They are so comfortable and cute.


My docs are a little too big and these were PERFECT for making them more comfortable and fit a little better.

Love these

I always tend to get blisters on my heels when I get new shoes and these socks seriously saved me! I took new shoes on a trip to Portugal and never got a single blister!

Wore them during an ultra

Did 50km in them in rugged single track terrain and I attribute these to why I finished.

Great quality!

I haven't been able to wear them yet because it's been too hot, but I can tell they're very well made just by feeling them in my hands! Excited to wear them with my Doc Martens when the weather cools down! :)


They were exactly as advertised. I can actually wear my Docs now.

Great pain relief!

These bunion protectors relieved pressure and provided such great pain relief. They also fit perfectly in my shoes so that's a major plus!

Love these for my cowboy boots!

These are perfect for my pointed-toe cowboy boots. I was worried I wouldn't be able to wear my boots because my toes were crammed and hurt but this is such a game-changer!

Saved my flat feet!

I have the flattest feet so these are perfect for my hot girl walks. I'm able to wear them with any shoes which is a huge plus and they alleviate my foot pain which is amazing!

Silicone heel cup
Riya Simha
Life Saver!

These heel cups have saved my feet and are perfect for those long days where I have to stand the whole time. Literally a life saver!!

The best socks

These socks saved my feet.
I ordered one pair a few months ago to see how they would last and they were awesome - they protected my heels and washed up nicely.
I just ordered a bundle of new ones, so whether it’s my docs or a new pair of running shoes, I’ll be wearing these socks because I can’t live without them now.

Women's white heel-cush socks

Super soft 👍👍

Game changer

These socks have been a life saver with boots, hi top runners and everything in between.

Very comfortable

On first impression the socks feel really soft to the touch and thick wore my new DM boots for a few hours to try them out/break them in with my new socks all I could say is it did not feel uncomfortable by no means not too thick or too bulky but enough to keep my feet chaffing free and comfortable.
Wore my boots 2 day in a row to work the whole day on a very hot summer day and I barely noticed I was wearing boots with thick socks. My feet did not sweat nor feel moist, didn't have the need to remove my shoes nor socks during the day to air my feet out or nothing. Would recommend these socks 10/10 and would with no doubt repurchase again.
Thanks Tiff for the amazing product.


Women's black heel-cush socks

So soft!

These socks are awesome! I needed something like this!

I would recommend them to anyone

I found Shezza's socks thank to social media and it was a great discovery.
I can wear my new canvas sneakers with confidence now, without worrying about the pain !
The shipping cost was a little expensive - I'm in France - but was totally worth it. Absolutely no regret !