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Women's Black Heel-Cush Socks

Women's Black Heel-Cush Socks

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Mid-crew socks with a foam-padded heel cushion for blister protection and prevention.

  • Moisture wicking, anti-sweat material 
  • Double layer, foam-padded heel cushion
  • Reinforced toe and heel
  • Compression and arch support 
  • Breathable, antimicrobial fabric

Don’t suffer from uncomfortable shoes any longer. Simply put on a pair of Shezza socks and watch your blister problems fade away. You'll wonder how you ever went walking, hiking, or running without them!

Your purchase supports a small, female-owned business!

Premium cotton blend

Our socks are built to last, made from premium combed cotton.

Foam-padded technology

Protects your heels with a unique, comfortable, and breathable foam patch sewn into every pair.

Machine washable & dryable

You can throw your Shezza's in the washer and dryer with the rest of your laundry without worrying.

Free shipping when buying 2+ pairs

Once you place your order, you can expect to recieve within 3-5 business days if you reside in the US. Shipping is free for domestic orders when you buy 2 or more pairs!

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Based on 35 reviews
Women's Black Heel-Cush Socks
Lacey Duemmer Duemmer
One size fits all?

They are just too big. The padding part ends up half way up my ankle instead of on the heel/ankle like I wanted. Good effort. Almost perfect. I think maybe just tune in on sizes? I hope the shrink in the wash.

Women's Black Heel-Cush Socks
Paraskevi Gkana-Alberico Gkana-Alberico

Women's Black Heel-Cush Socks

Women's Black Heel-Cush Socks
Amy Akdemir Akdemir
Great socks

Got myself two pairs of the padded socks and they work great! I love wearing them with my doc martens since those usually bother my heels. My only issue is how long they took to get shipped to me, but besides that small issue I love them!!

Men's Black Heel-Cush Socks

These socks are amazing!

I bought these socks because, although I have a LOT of experience breaking in Doc Martens, my platforms still always shred my ankles. These socks were absolutely the perfect fix, and now I'll never have blisters again.

Best socks ever!

These socks are perfect for breaking in any shoe! I’m using them to break in a pair of docs I’ve had for months that have been giving me trouble. Other socks are too thick in the arch or the toes. These socks are thick in the heal and that’s it- perfect for what I need. Absolutely recommend.


I wore these out on Halloween with my docs and my feet have never been more comfortable….I could have worn them forever! I need more!!

I'm SO happy you love them!! Wooohooooo!

Life Savers

I struggle with blisters from every kind of shoe - it can be the most comfortable sneaker or shoe with a great supportive footbed, but my foot curves in a lot at the Achilles and I’m forever putting bandaids on or layering moleskin in my shoes and boots. First day out in my new Shezza socks (in a pair of boots that TORE ME UP the last time I wore them) I had no blisters, no chafing - nothing. That never happens. These are heaven sent. I bought two pairs of black and one white (still waiting on those) and I can’t wait to hopefully watch this company develop more products to solve this problem that I thought for years I was the only one suffering from. Thank you for inventing these!!

Robyn, this makes me so happy to hear. So glad you can wear those boots again pain-free!

Heaven on my feet

After YEARS of padding, bandaids in shoes because of the PAINFUL rubbing of the incision on my heel against my shoe - or not being able to buy certain shoes because of the "high" back of the style and knowing it would be ensuing pain - SHEZZA is the perfect answer. It was like heaven on my feet - the comfort was unbelievable - and worked all day in my "high-backed" shoe that normally would have had to come off after an hour - I was able to keep them on all day long!

So happy about this Barb!! Appreciate you sharing your feedback.

Still sock less

I was informed product being shipped with an anticipated delivery date of 10/18/22, still in process of being delivered by post office. Contacted Tiffany at Sheeza, about delay and not receiving product, haven’t heard anything back. I followed up with the post office and found out that it was shipped without insurance. Poor customer service and would suggest ordering at your own risk.

Hey Shannon, I'm sincerely so so sorry. This was the first rare situation that something weird came up with the delivery through the postal service. We're currently sold out at the moment, but we get our next shipment of socks in a couple of weeks, we will re-ship out your order asap, I promise! Again, I truly apologize about this and my lack of communication. I was gone for a week and a half for something really important and I had a ton of emails to catch up on. I hope you can understand. Have a great day and thank you for ordering!

- Tiffany

Best socks everrrrrrr

I wore my shezza socks with my doc martens that have been giving me the worst blisters for a full 8hr shift and have won the fight against blisters. They even work wonders with my high top converse. Thank you so much great product!

Appreciate this review! :)

A good start

Comfy and like the padding, but they pill fast and easy and I feel like cushion could start lower to protect the heel better.

Women's Black Heel-Cush Socks

Amazing! Best Invention Ever!

I love my shezza socks! I’ve been doing everything to try to break in my Doc Martens and the blisters were killer. When I saw these on tik tok I knew I needed to get them. I will say though that after only 2 wears and a couple times through the laundry that they start to pill a lot. Other than that they’re great!

Hey Claire, glad you're loving them! I also really appreciate the feedback about them pilling up. They are mostly made of combed cotton so they're super soft and very high quality, but good to know that they began to pill up after a couple of washes. For the next batch I can make a different blend :) Have a great day!

No blisters!!!

Wore them to break in my Birkenstocks!!! They were 👍🏻

So Soft!

Wonderful socks. So soft and comfortable and great to wear with any boots or shoes that normally rub the back of your heel! No more blisters!

They’re super comfy and saved my feet while breaking in my doc martens!

Seriously love how comfy they are and the padding on the heal is a life saver with boots (or really any shoe you)! I got the ankle length, they almost were high enough to keep my ankles from getting rubbed from the tops of my boots, but not quite, I definitely think I want a long pair too!

Awesome! Those longer socks are in the works :)

so soft

I just got my boots for my birthday when i saw the ad for the socks. the socks are so soft and comfy. this is a great idea. thank you

Able to wear shoes again

I bought these socks because I have a scar on my ankle right where the low cut shoe meets my scar, so they padding in the sock helps me be able to wear low cut shoes thanks to the padding in the sock.

Thanks Mariah!

I can’t believe they actually worked

These are the best things to happen to me

So glad you love them :,)

5 Star's!!!

I bought 2 pairs for my daughter to wear with her Doc Martins, she loves them!

So glad your daughter is enjoying them!

A MUST for Doc Martens wearers

Have you ever suffered through breaking in a pair of Doc Martens? Well suffer no more with these socks! They are a game changer!

Women's Black Heel-Cush Socks
Jenniffer Merida Nudd

Women's Black Heel-Cush Socks

A godsend

As someone that suffers from blisters much more than the average person, these socks are amazing. I’ve broken in a new pair of shoes wearing these socks with no blisters!! I love them!


Best socks ever, extremely comfortable. Amazing quality, overall great buy. They are great for boots as well. Only regret is not ordering additional pairs.

That's so sweet. Thank you Erika!

100% recyclable packaging

We're on a mission to help save people's heels AND the planet with sustainable, biodegradable packaging.